The virtue of seeking and achieving values.

This virtue recognizes that if you want values, you need to go pursue them. This virtue is a requirement for the achievement of any values. It keeps you focused on doing what's necessary to get values, instead of just fantasizing about them. The virtue consists of not just pursuing the values, but increasing your ability to pursue the values.

Sometimes this virtue is understood to be only dealing with financial or material productiveness. The emphasis would be on getting a job or creating wealth. In ethics, there's no fundamental distinction between material wealth and other values. Any value can promote your life, and they are judged by how well they promote it, and not by some other criteria such as whether you can trade the values to others. Romance and friendships are just as important to the virtue of productiveness as is making money or buying a car. The virtue concentrates on pursing values, and it's up to you to decide which values you should pursue.