Moral/Practical Dichotomy:

The belief that morality conflicts with your practical interests, or that they are unrelated concerns.

This dichotomy can arise in many ways. It could be based on the view that morality serves some purpose other than your own life. It could be based on a view that morality isn't intended to serve a purpose, but is just something you should live by. And in the conventional ethics of altruism, the two actually clash because morality is judged by how much you're willing to sacrifice, pitting the two concerns against each other and forcing you to choose between them.

The dichotomy rests on the premise that morality is unconnected to practicality, or even opposed. But when a morality of rational self-interest is adopted, the morality is aimed at the practical concerns of your life. The two not only become compatible, but they have to go together. The practical is the moral.