Mind-body Dichotomy:

A view that separates one's mind and body into distinct and unrelated areas.

While the mental world and the physical world aren't the same, they are related. Knowledge and ideas are knowledge and ideas about the world. Physical actions are the result of your thinking, and guided by it. Your body and mind work together in harmony. Both are integral pieces to your life, and cannot be severed without great harm.

An example of a mind-body dichotomy is the view that view that your physical desires are animalistic and your spiritual leanings are noble and pure. This view elevates the mental life into some kind of holy position, while rejecting the physical life as low and unworthy. The result is a severing of the two. Knowledge no longer has a point, and thus no longer needs to be connected to reality at all.

A contrasting example view upholds physical labor as the ultimate form of accomplishment, and mental work or intelligence as just useless mind games. It's the view that hard work gets you where you need to go, and ideas are just distractions. It ends up severing body and mind, with the result that your hard work becomes unguided by rationality and understand, and physical force is worshipped instead.