Malevolent Universe Premise:

The view that the world is inhospitable and that life consists of a constant struggle for survival.

The Malevolent Universe Premise is belief that the world is really incompatible with human existence. If people are able to survive, it's only through constant struggle, the help of others, and a little luck. Happiness is viewed as unattainable, at least for very long. It's the view that when good things do happen to you, it's really just to set you up for an even bigger loss. It may include an mystical belief that someone or something is actually out to get you.

The Malevolent Universe Premise starts off as an evaluation of what life is like. But like all philosophical premises, it can lead to new effects. When you don't have an expectation of success in life, you're far less likely to take the steps needed to achieve that success. If you think life is basically impossible without help, you might start to think of others as more important to your survival than yourself.

Objectivism rejects the Malevolent Universe Premise. While everyone has occasional problems, we believe that we are well adapted to live in the world. With the power of our intellects, we're able to manipulate our environments to better suit us. Happiness and success are not only within our means, but they're likely outcomes of a well lived life. Objectivism instead promotes a Benevolent Universe Premise.