Individual Rights:

Social boundaries that permit individuals to act to promote their lives without forceful interference by others.

Individual rights are a kind of moral barrier that allows a person to live their lives in peace. The barrier prevents others from forcefully interfering in that life by making it clear what is and isn't acceptable. If someone violates those rights, they can and should be retaliated against.

Rights identify certain requirements for living. Humans live by using their minds to decide what kind of values to pursue, and how to pursue them. When someone uses physical force against another person, it destroys their ability to live by their mind, and thus their ability to live. It is an attack on that person's life. Properly, the rights-violator should be stopped and retaliated against.

When a society recognizes individual rights, they can create a government to protect those rights, retaliating against any individuals who violate the rights of others. By this process, society enforces the requirements for peaceful and positive interaction. It makes a policy of defending these moral boundaries, and creating conditions that allow individuals to thrive.