A political system where the government directly controls all property or wealth.

Communism is a form of socialism, which is a system where wealth is controlled by the government. In this case, the control is direct. The government makes all decisions on the use of wealth, and has enormous control over the lives of its citizens. Due to the lack of economic incentives to encourage wealth production, communist countries must resort to violence and fear to stimulate the workers. Even with the use of force, communism in practice leads to greater and greater poverty.

Communism is often described in terms of non-essentials, which blurs the reality of it. Communism is said to give control of property to the people, but in fact is directly controlled through the government. Communism is said to be intended to help the poor, while in practice it causes worse poverty, leading to starvation and death. It is said to be for industry, when it wants the results without the required foundations. It is said to promote peace and brotherly love, when it uses violence and fear as its modus operandi. It is said to be good in theory, and just implement wrong, when putting it into practice naturally leads to those results, whether intended or not.

Communism is to blame for killing hundreds of millions of people in the 20th century.