Benevolent Universe Premise:

A view of the world that suggests we are well adapted to live in it.

This is a view of the world that suggest that success and happiness are not only achievable, but are likely if you lead a good life. It is the view that the world has a nature and can be understood. We're able to grasp its nature, and act purposefully to improve our lives. It's an evaluation of the world that say that it is conducive to human life.

There's sometimes a little confusion about the choice of words. The term "benevolent" is usually used as a description of a person, so this could be accidentally taken to mean that the universe is conscious and friendly to our lives. That's not at all what was intended. It is meant to describe a kind of value-judgment about the world, and suggest that the world not only allows survival, but that success and happiness aren't that difficult to achieve.