About Objectivism101.com

This site was created as a resource for learning about the philosophy Objectivism. There are several levels of descriptions for people ranging from no knowledge about the ideas to a detailed explanation for those trying to learn it in a systematic way. Several resources have been added to help you along the way, including an Objectivism Glossary and an Objectivism Reading List, as well as a mirror of the popular Importance Of Philosophy website.

The ideas on this site are my own interpretation and representation of Objectivism, the philosophy originated by Ayn Rand. I recommend reading her original works to hear it from her own voice. This site is an educational resource, and does not attempt to portray the philosophy in exactly the same way that she did.

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Thank you,

Joseph Rowlands

Joseph Rowlands is also the creator of Rebirth of Reason, a website for Objectivists, and Importance Of Philosophy, a website that describes how philosophy affects our lives.

This site was created in May 2006.